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How To Make REAL Beats That Sound Awesome

If you are interested in making real music and you want to get into the music scene quickly then you need to read this blog entry as today I am going to tell you about an awesome piece of software that will allow you to make beats like a pro.
So first let us cover what makes DUBTurbo different?
Well it is a fully functioning DAW (well almost), it does not have quite as many features as a Digital audio workstation but it does have a dam sight more than most beat makers out there and I am going to run through some of the features that you get:
The main thing that makes Dub special is the fact that you will be able to make proper studio quality beats and you can make them as long as you want.
You will see a lot of beat makers out there just allow you to loop one bar that are normally an mp3, and you do not want to do this! If you do this and you start to get good imagine what you can do if you are able to make proper music.
DUBTurbo gives you everything you need to make a real track, well as many as you like!
You get to pick the number of bars, not just a 1 bar looper that is finer for a ringtone but not for making a track!
You also get loads of kits and a full 3 octave keyboard and 16 tracks that you can lay down your beats.
The scope is endless and they have just updated it to version 1.5 that features more kits and so on!
You will also be able to split your tracks when you export and this is referred to as "tracking out", you will need to be able to do if you ever want to make money selling your beats.
If you want a proper beat maker that you can pick up and use within 10 mins but still want all the features of real DAW then check out DUBTurbo:

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