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DUBTurbo The Ultimate Beat Maker | Find Out Why!

If you want to make music on your computer then the hardest thing is finding a good beat maker that will not just give you an 8 bit ringtone. You want something that will allow you to make beats just like the pros do it.
The other way you can do this is of course the normal route that will involve you buying a lot of equipment for your recording studio!
A normal recording studio and set up will cost you about $5000 and if you really like music and know that you will be making rap and dance beats long term maybe this is the way to go. Although this is also the reason that DubTurbo has proved so popular because for a mere $29 you can actually start making beats like a pro and get all the tools you need to produce your beats and even sell them!
You will get a ton of kits to pick from to make any genre of music you like but the thing we liked about DUBTurbo was the fact that you can be sure you are being taught right.
For instance if you just get a looper and let's say you get good at making beats?
Well no-one will want to buy an mp3 1 bar loop!
You will not be able to sell it!
With DubTurbo you can make your beats and you will get the output file with proper wav 44.1 stereo quality that is studio quality.
It is even going to be updated to high definition audio as well!
You will be able to 'track out' properly and this is the process when you save all your sound files in a folder and then when you sell your beats you will be able to give them to the purchaser in the proper format.
If you want to get started really fast making studio quality music check out DubTurbo today:

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