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Leopards of Dead Tree Island, Creepy Critter Photos, and All About Sharks

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August 2011

A dramatic, real-life tale of three leopards plays out in Botswana's Okavango Delta. What unfolds is an in-depth look into their lives; following the tension, drama and, in the end, heart-wrenching tragedy, as all three seek a common goal - to dominate one of the Okavango's most prized leopard territories.

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Photo: Leopards of Dead Tree Island

Photo: Prehistoric Animals   Travel back to the days of raging raptors and the terrifying Tyrannosaurus rex, when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

Photo: Meet the Nile Crocodile   Does the Nile crocodile deserve its reputation as a vicious man-eater? Get up close and personal with Africa's largest crocodilian and find out.

Photo: Creepy Critter Photos   From black cats to vampire bats, certain animals just give humans the willies. Cozy up to some creepy critters in this gallery.

Photo: All About Sharks   Sharks have prowled Earth's seas, essentially unchanged, for 400 million years. Learn more about these vital predators with facts, photos, video, and more.

Photo: Deadly 60   Tomorrow at 10P et/pt, Steve and the team head for the rainforests of Madagascar, where they'll meet up with the island's deadliest predators.

Photo: Morphed   On August 31, see when whales had legs, dinosaurs evolved into turkeys, and how bears made their own evolutionary paths.
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Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Goliath Bird-eating Spider

Posted: 13 Aug 2011 11:47 AM PDT

Goliath Bird-eating SpiderGoliath Bird-eating Spider

"This is one big spider – and beautiful, too!

What’s huge, hairy, has lots of speed, and sparks an attitude? The Goliath

Bird-eating Spider!

Being one of the largest spider species in the world, the Goliath Bird-eating Spider impresses with it’s size and is quite popular with spider collectors. It is not bred in captivity very often and most of these spiders that are kept as pets are caught in the wild.

You can’t miss this big, coffee-colored spider!They attract attention simply due to their size, however they are not very friendly. They are quite aggressive and will attack if threatened… Read More

More about the Goliath Bird-eating Spider!

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