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How To Make Rap Beats

How To Make Rap Beats | If You Are Getting Frustrated There Is Another Way...
A lot of people that enjoy listening to hip hop will get to the point where they think "I want a go at making my own beats!", this is all good and well (and can be great fun too!). Although the problem comes in the fact that to do so you will need to get a lot of expensive equipment and it really does help if you have some knowledge with musical theory as well.
Well the good news is that instead of having to pay out a lot of money for a recording studio, spend hours and hours working out high end software solutions like Cubase and Fruity Loops you can get started making your own beats today with an easy to use program that eliminates all the frustration of making rap beats.
DUBTurbo has actually just upgraded to V1.5 and you get even more kits and samples that you can use to make rap beats or any other type of electronic music with ease.
The reason that it has been getting some awesome feedback is because you do not need to have to know so much about music to use it, it has been made for the complete beginner and all you need to do is install and then get making your beats.
You will also be able to save your beats once you have made them and take them with you by burning them onto CD.
You could even make your own album!
Check out the full DUBTurbo beat maker v1.5 today through the link below and start making beats today:

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