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The Latest from Bird Crafts

The Latest from Bird Crafts

Friday Giveaway: $70GC to A to Zebra Celebrations!

Posted: 16 Jul 2011 02:24 AM PDT

Soooo excited to bring you today's giveaway from one of my fave party peeps, Nancy from A to Zebra Celebrations!

Nancy is a very creative, very talented friend whose love of parties and entertaining led her to create the stuning, successful brand that is A to Zebra Celebrations! Here's Nancy in her own words:

"My goal is to inspire others through my blog.  A To Zebra Celebrations was born in the fall of 2009 after I organized a zebra party for my oldest daughter when she turned 4.  I was honored, and humbled after many features on popular sites.  People from all over started inquiring about all the zebra party decorations I had created.

My passion for parties and entertaining started when I was a little girl.  My mom hosted the most amazing parties for my siblings and I.  She is very creative.  She is an entrepreneur and owns a super fun craft store in Mexico.  She is to blame for my crazy, and outrageous obsession for parties!"

A to Z Celebrations offers affordable, unique, classy, and stylish party products - From wonderful, handmade party accessories, fabric party décor to fabric party banners, custom party hats, ribbon skirts, personalized table runners and much more!


For your chance to win a fabulous $70GC to A to Zebra Celebrations, simply leave 1 comment below telling us that you have done all three:

* Visit A to Zebra Store on Etsy and tell us what you'd get if you won;
* Become a fan of A to Zebra Celebrations of Facebook here - Come back and tell us that you have
* Become a fan of Bird's Party on facebook -  Come back and tell us that you are

For extra entries you can share this post using the widgets on the bottom of the post, and leave a separate message with the link where you shared - You can share as many times as you like:

* Share on facebook
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* Share on a blog or site

A winner will be selected at random after the entry requirements have been checked, on Friday 22nd July. 
Good luck to everyone and have a sweet weekend! :)

Connect with A to Zebra Celebrations:


If like Nancy you'd like to sponsor a giveaway here, then get in touch by emailing us: 
bird (at) birdsparty (dot) com

Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

How to Clip your Cats Claws

Posted: 15 Jul 2011 09:07 PM PDT

It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Your darling cat needs his or her claws clipped. Here are some practical tips to get the job done.

You don't have to go to the vet if you need your cat's claws clipped. You can do it yourself if you dare. Take it slow and easy or your nice kitty could turn into the cat from the dark side.

Why do you trim the claws? Cats like to scratch. When they get tired of the scratching post they may turn to your furniture. Even if they aren't used to attacking the furniture long claws can get caught in certain fibers and pull them loose.

Also, playtime with your cat is not as much fun when each time they touch you their claws dig in. Regular claw clipping will prevent you from dripping blood and your cat from snagging their claws and hurting themselves.

The Method

To begin, use a nail clipper or one that is specially designed for pet nails. Some people use scissors but there is more chance of cutting the wrong part of the nail if you are new to the whole process.

Prepare your cat. It is best to get him after a meal when he is getting sleepy. He is more relaxed at this point. Try to have a friend or family member help you to hold your cat for the clipping.

Have your helper hold your cat in a towel. The towel should drape around the cat as if you were tying a napkin around his neck for dinner. Hold him firmly around the neck using the towel but don't choke him. It is also helpful to hold him by the nape of the neck with your hand.

Start with the back legs. Talk soothingly to your cat to keep him calm. If he is still agitated, cover his head with another towel so that he won't get anxious when he sees you.

Here are a few anatomy tips to help you out. When you hold the cat's paw and press it down, the claws come out. Cut only the end of the claw.

You may see a pink vein. Don't cut near it or past it. This is referred to as the "quick" and injuring it will be painful for your pet.

Finish by clipping the front claws. Go as slowly as you need to for your cat to stay calm and comfortable.

Cutting a cat's claws can seem daunting but it doesn't have to be if you are prepared.