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DubTurbo V1.5 Is Here | More Kits, Sounds And Features!

I thought I would update my blog and let you know about DUBTurbo which no doubt you will have heard of if you are into your music.
Well V1.5 has been released it features plenty of updates to this software package that is already taking the web and the music world by storm. It is now even easier to use and has had the display revamped.
There are more drum kits and FX sounds that you can add to your beats and it also seems faster and smoother to use.
If you have not used DUBTurbo and you want to get started making your own beats then you need to check it out today.
I honestly believe it is the most associable piece of software that allows you to create music and a good way of thinking of it is an "easy" Cubase or Fruitly Loops.
Of course with the 2 latter it can take months to learn how to make beats with these two, because you will need to know a lot about musical theory and then on top of that you will need to invest a lot of money on the hardware that you need.
With DUBTurbo you have the ability to make your own music and produce real studio quality audio files without needing to be a musical genius or spend a lot of money.
You get everything you need to make awesome beats!
A full 3 octave keyboard, loads of drum kits with a built in editor, and a ton of FX that you can add to your tunes.
You can also export in layers and sell your beats or if you want you can just burn them onto CD!
Check it out today and start making music:

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