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DubTurbo – Features Explained | Make Beats Today!

This article will go a bit more in depth about some of the features that you will get with DUBTurbo and why it is the best choice if you want to get started fast making electronic music.
You see there are some beat makers out there but quite a lot of them (unless of course you are going for a high end solution) cut corners!
They take advantage of the fact that most people that will use them will be new to music and for this reason they do not give you a very good feature list.
Well DUBTurbo V1.5 is different – the software has been made for beginners, yes that is true, but it has also been made as a learning tool so you will get the know-how with music production.
There is a full functioning 4 octave keyboard for instance and on top of that you get over 40 kits to choice from that will make up your drum beat.
Another cool feature is that there are 16 channels, so you can have 16 tracks running at the same time in DubT.
The first track would be your drums, and then you add in your keys, well you get the idea...
The drum editor is cool as it can be controlled by the number keys and you can even set it on record and then do a beat on the fly with your keys, the same with the keyboard.
The best thing is that you can export your beats and take them with you on CD and you will also be able to sell your beats as what DUB allows you to do is split the tracks that you are making into single layers and trust me you will need to be able to do this if you want to make money out of your music!
Check out the full program and get started below:

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