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DubTURBO V1.5 Is Here

If you want to make beats then by now you have probably heard about DUBTurbo? It is a beat maker that has been getting some awesome feedback as it gives you a complete solution for an absolute beginner to make beats on their computer.
If you are currently looking into doing this, maybe you are starting a new hobby or just want to give it a go this article will tell you a bit more about why DUBTurbo is proving so popular!
There are of course other solutions out there you have the likes of Cubase and Fruitly Loops although the scope of these programs is amazing you can make pretty much any tune you like with them and a totally individual sound the learning curve is immense!
You will also need to know a lot about musical theory in order to use these solutions and that for most can be quite a big step; in fact it can take years to learn!
Well this is where DUBTurbo comes in!
There is actually an updated version that has been released with new sound kits so you will find it easier than ever to start making beats and the cool thing and probably the reason why it has got so much feedback is because you do not need to know a thing about musical theory in order to use the product.
It is simply a case of downloading the product, installing and you will have an easy to use point and click interface there so you can start making beats straight away!
Now that is what I call easy!
If you really want to make beats and you do not want to have to learn loads about musical theory and want an easy solution that will allow you to sound like a pro check out the full guide today:

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