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DubTurbo V1.5 Is Available But What Makes It Better?

This blog post will tell you about the software DUBTurbo that has just launched another version – this one being v1.5.
If you are not sure what DUBTurbo is basically it is a standalone beat maker but what makes it a little different is the fact that you do not need anything else to be able to make your music. It features over 40+ drum kits, sounds and FX that you can use in your music and a fully functioning 3 octave keyboard that you can use within the program.
The thing that is making DUBTurbo stand out is that a lot of the beat makers online are not really beat makers they are just loopers and what happens is that you can only play one looping bar and although that will be fun you will not be able to make a tune that way.
With DUBTurbo you are able to make a whole tune which will be 64 bars or more, in fact you can set the bar count to whatever you want.
So whether you want to go for a quick rap track or a progressive house masterpiece you will be able to do this.
The other thing that sets DUBTurbo apart is the amount of choice that you get in the way of sounds.
You will be able to make pretty much any sort of music that you want whether you want to make rap, house, jungle, crunk, chart, dance it is all there!
Check out the new version today and see how you can up your beat game today:

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