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Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Keeping Serval Cats as Pets!

Posted: 20 Sep 2011 09:29 AM PDT

Serval Cats as PetsServal Cats as Pets
"So… you think you want a wild cat as a pet? Well a Serval is one of the best, so here’s all the in’s and out’s – what it takes and what you need to know!"

Servals can live long lives if taken care of properly, and make amazing pets!

The Serval Cat, or African Serval is actually known to make a very affectionate pet, and can turn into a wonderful experience for dedicated cat keepers. However, these cats have particular care requirements above and beyond normal domestic cat care and an owner must be prepared for that.

Serval kittens are quite adorable and if you purchase one, it will one day think of you as their owner and companion. To begin your life with a Serval Cat, you will want to understand everything you can about the breed, “African Serval”… Read More

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