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Birds.com Newsletter - September, 2011

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Welcome to the latest edition of the Birds.com newsletter. Check out some of these links and stay up to date with what's happening on Birds.com:


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Latest Articles:

Interesting RSPB Survey Results

The RSPB's wildlife survey would not be possible if not for the loyal participation of the public, who assist in the Make Your Nature Count project. The survey began on the 4th of June and ran to the 12th of June, involving over fifty thousand gardens. Due to the assistance of the participants, the RSPB Make Your Nature Count project could collect...

Six Foreign Species Fall under Endangered Species Act

Many bird species across the world have been placed under protection, as the importance of conserving them has become necessary. Due to their declining numbers, ornithologist have been submitting requests for at least seventy species to be noted in the Endangered Species Act since the 1980s. These species were submitted from all over the world, and...

World Bird Sanctuary in Missouri

Adjacent to the Lone Elk County Park and Chubb Trail in Missouri, U.S.A., is a sanctuary that is dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and educating the public on the vital role these birds play in nature. They are also passionate about other wildlife, and the more than three hundred acres of land, which is blanketed in Missouri hardwood forest,...


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