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Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

Dr. Jungle's Animal Speak

The Cabbage Leather Coral – Sinularia dura

Posted: 25 Aug 2011 11:10 AM PDT

Cabbage Leather Coral - Sinularia duraCabbage Leather Coral
Sinularia dura

"No…I’m not an anemone, nor a corallamorph, and I”m not actually a mushroom either! So who’d ever thought I was a soft leather coral?!

This Cabbage Leather Coral is great for beginners because it is so hardy!

The Cabbage Leather Coral has several perks, a couple being that it is both durable and attractive. It’s colors include everything from yellow, gray, pink, and purple to cream, brown and tan. Sometimes it can even be green! Its appearance resembles lettuce or cabbage and has broad “leaves”. The projections are lobed and have radial striations that are very delicate and that fold along the fringe… Read More

More about the Cabbage Leather Coral - Sinularia dura!

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