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Summer Birding
August 18, 2011
 This Morning Outside
This Morning Outside 
This Morning Outside

If you like pictures of birds and nature, here are some digital snacks.

Click on the grid to see a pictorial index to Diane's This Morning Outside posts.  

Then click on any picture to see it bigger and read the story. 

 The Summer Birdbath
Kozy Spa Bath with Goldfinch 
Birdbaths to delight
birds and bird lovers

In a long, hot summer, fresh water can become the scarcest of resources for birds.

Water will actually attract more species than feeders will. Birds such as wrens, catbirds, and bluebirds eat insects or fruit. They won't visit most feeders. But a birdbath attracts all kinds of birds.

Here are tips about what kind of birdbath is best for attracting birds.

 Goldfinch Feeding in Summer
Goldfinch at Yellow Spiral 
American Goldfinch 

Goldfinches love small seeds such as thistle and niger. Unlike some birds, they'll come to feeders all year around, including summertime.

The other goldfinches sit up properly at meals, but this particular goldfinch seems to feel more comfortable the other way around.

See larger image...

See the Yellow Spiral Feeder... 
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