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NestWatch eNewsletter - July 2011

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NestWatch eNewsletter

July 2011

NestCams viewer survey results

Since January 1, 2011, the NestCams website has had more than one million page views! We recently polled NestCams viewers to better understand your perceptions and attitudes. Thank you to all who participated! The information that you shared will help guide future improvements to the program. Here is some of what we learned:

Of the 423 people who participated in the survey, most knew that NestCams is run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. It is part of the Lab's Citizen Science program. However, most viewers did not know how much it costs to operate and broadcast a nest camera. Including personnel time, Internet streaming fees, and equipment, it costs about $600/month to run a single nest camera. Because we do not have advertisements on our video feeds, we are highly dependent on the generosity of our camera hosts and viewer donations to keep this program running. Many people responded that they could not afford to donate to NestCams, but please keep in mind that even small donations can add up to make a big difference. (If you'd like to donate, please click here.)







Most NestCams viewers tune in for up to 3 hours per week, but less than 25% participate in the forum discussions.




Approximately 75% of NestCams viewers participate in at least one other program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. NestWatch and Project FeederWatch are the most popular. 

Please check out some of the many exciting opportunities for you to learn about birds and contribute to science at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:


  •  NestWatch is a volunteer-driven effort to monitor nesting activities of birds across the country.
  •  Project FeederWatch is a winter-long survey of birds that visit feeders in backyards and other locales across North America.
  • Celebrate Urban Birds participants explore the natural world by conducting 10-minute bird observations in their neighborhoods, as well as by participating in various "challenge" contests.
  • Coming soon, YardMap will help you cultivate a richer understanding of bird habitat by mapping habitat features in your backyard.
  • eBird is an online checklist program for reporting and keeping track of the birds that you see anytime, anywhere.
  • The Great Backyard Bird Count is an annual four-day bird survey in late winter that creates a unique snapshot of where birds are across the continent.
  • Also, you can find lots of great information about birds on the All About Birds and Birds of North America Online websites.

Thank you for your participation in NestWatch to help science and the birds! 




Jason Martin
NestWatch and NestCams project leader
Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Rd
Ithaca, NY 14850


The Cornell Lab of Ornithology is a membership institution dedicated to interpreting and conserving the earth's biological diversity through research, education, and citizen science focused on birds. Visit the Cornell Lab's website at http://www.birds.cornell.edu.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology
159 Sapsucker Woods Rd, Ithaca NY 14850
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Black Vulture nestlings seen on our NestCam in Delaware.

The 2011 NestCams season is quickly coming to a close. We've had many successful fledgings over the past month, including the Black-capped Chickadees, Black Vultures, and Eastern Bluebirds. The Barn Owl and Chimney Swift families will be around for a few more weeks, as will the seabirds of Alaska.

Monthly Winner

At the beginning of each month, NestWatch randomly selects one participant to receive a copy of the NestWatch Common Nesting Birds of North America poster. This month's lucky winner is Sheila Chambers. Congratulations, Sheila!

There are lots of ways to stay in touch...

• Need answers quickly regarding breeding biology or data entry? Visit our NestWatch forums page. 

• Share your photos, stories, and videos with others. Join us on Facebook—it's free, fun, and easy! You can join our NestWatch and NestCams Facebook pages.

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NestWatch is a great way to get outdoors, enjoy nature, and contribute data to science.
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