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Birds.com Newsletter - July, 2011

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Latest Articles:

Kiwi Encounter at Rainbow Springs in New Zealand

New Zealanders are often referred to as Kiwis due to their national bird being the elusive kiwi bird. To preserve and assist in the rehabilitation of the wild kiwi numbers in the country, the Kiwi Encounter facility was opened at Rainbow Springs, Rotorua. The facility not only studies and oversees breeding projects but also educates the public on this...

Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper

The most tragic and shocking fact is that if nothing is done to increase the numbers of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, this bird could be extinct within the next decade. It is the harsh reality of loss of habitat, migration patterns and the fact that people set out traps to catch bigger birds and accidently trap these extremely endangered birds. With the...

Oology - The Study of Bird Eggs

Oology can have two meanings. It is used to either refer to the study of bird eggs, or it can be used to describe the collecting of bird eggs. Even though the name is the same, the impact on bird life and ecosystems is vastly different. Studying bird eggs allows scientists and conservationists to understand the breeding habits of various birds and their...


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