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Here are the BirdLife International instant news update for omsstravel.6666@blogger.com

06/02/2011 BirdLife International – Africa staff celebrate the 2011 World Migratory Bird Day with members of the Maasai community and Olorgesaile Museum staff

Bird migration constitutes one of the most impressive natural phenomena and is one of the wonders of nature involving millions of birds world-wide. However, migratory birds worldwide are facing a significant decline due to human-induced threats emanating from human activities at their breeding, stop-over and wintering sites. Various forms of interventions taking place at various [...]

06/02/2011 Counting, monitoring and conserving birds and biodiversity in Botswana

BirdLife Botswana have set up a bird monitoring programme

06/01/2011 Migratory Birds, Flyways and Saline Lakes

A flyways initiative has now been established that addresses migratory bird conservation along the flyway, with Laguna Mar Chiquita a key IBA.

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